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Introduction to Processing and Cognitive Enhancement® (PACE)

Does your child struggle?  Is he/she having problems in school? Difficulty listening, following directions?  Does it take hours to complete homework?  Has he or she been called “lazy” or unmotivated or “a student at risk”?  


The real problem may not be a lack of motivation or improper instruction!  She/he may lack sufficient processing skills.  In other words, your child may be able to see or hear information but cannot identify, interpret, comprehend, remember or stay on task.


PACE can identify and successfully treat learning problems that are often reflected in the following difficulties:


  • paying attention

  • learning to read or spell (struggles to sound out words)

  • slow with math facts

  • does not complete assignments

  • memory

  • comprehending or understanding

  • working too hard for what is achieved


If your child exhibits one or more of these behaviors, contact our office today (229-244-3552) to schedule a screening to evaluate your child’s cognitive processing skills.  It could be the most important phone call you will make during his or her school years.



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