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Top 5 Questions Parents Ask


Got questions? You're not alone! See if your question is similar to what other parents are asking, and please contact us for even more help understanding what's involved in speech therapy.


How will I know if my child is developing normally?


Most children follow a typical path of development of speech and language skills.  As speech language pathologists, we become concerned when children are falling below their expected age level for talking and for understanding. Click here to view a few typical “benchmarks” of speech and language skills by age.


What if I feel my child is “behind” or not talking like other children?


If your child is not reaching a milestone or you have concerns, you can set up an appointment with one of our highly trained and specialized speech language pathologists. During the evaluation, we will assess many areas of speech, language, fluency, voice, and swallowing, if needed. We will talk to you about what your child is doing at home, school, and/or daycare. We will only recommend therapy if your child is significantly below his or her peers in at least one area.


My child was evaluated. What’s the next step?


It’s time for therapy!  This is where the fun begins!  We work hard to develop goals and objectives that are designed to improve your child’s communicative abilities and confidence.  Therapy is fun…and motivating! But the real “KEY” to success is you--the parent! We will teach you strategies and provide carryover activities so that your child becomes a confident communicator in all environments. 


How do I contact/locate your office?


Click here to leave an email with a Scheduling Specialist who will respond within one business day.


You can also contact our office at 229-244-3552.


Why the name Keystone Therapy Services?


I (Amy Struble) have been asked that question many times! It was a name that just popped into my head one morning as I was getting ready. In architectural terms, a keystone is the larger center stone in an arch. It holds both sides together so the arch is stable. Well, in the speech language world, we have speech as one side of the arch, language as the other side of the arch, and when it comes together we have the center stone of communication! When both sides of the arch are strong, the center stone (communication) is effective and efficient. At Keystone Therapy Services, our goal is to ensure each client meets his or her potential.

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